practice building

We have cultivated an extensive network of economists, data scientists, lawyers, accountants and others who work in litigation support firms, law firms, accounting firms and management consulting firms. We successfully place professional talent ranging from a PhD economist two years out of graduate school to a firm seeking acquisition. We help our clients grow in the following areas:

International Tax/
Transfer Pricing

Litigation Support

Forensics and

Business Valuation


Data Analytics
& Cybersecurity


Full Cycle Search Management

We initially conduct a comprehensive assessment of our clients’ needs, goals and aspirations. Once ASA engages, we manage the search at all stages with consistent contact with our client. This helps foster a seamless engagement.

General Candidate Assessment

We have developed an extensive network of candidates, including their career goals and criteria for a meaningful change. ASA will generate a thorough search nationally or globally. We ensure that everyone we present meets the high level of criteria initially established.

Search Strategy

Each search has unique challenges and requires a customized approach. Each starts with a series of conversations with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of what challenges need to be addressed. This sets in motion our team of professionals closely examining both internal and external resources. We narrow the scope to experts possessing required skill sets. While we have developed a global network of potential candidates, our research team continually explores new sources.

Rainmaker Representation

Our clients are often considering strategic investments to increase market share. We have extensive experience examining revenue generators and the related pitfalls, including non-compete/non-solicit employee agreements, timing with respect to quarterly and annual bonuses, and balancing confidentiality with a need for protected discussions, including use of NDAs.

Business Case

To justify an acquisition or new practice, our clients typically need to create a material business plan to gain management’s support for funding. We help our clients create a realistic view of the portable revenue stream. This often is a complicated calculation for a candidate or group that includes legal restrictions, setting realistic expectations, aligning of group and client goals, and fully understanding the actual synergies possible. We will often have our candidates draft a business plan for consideration by management.

Manage Expectations/Interview Process

Our clients often make a considerable investment of time, effort and resources in the expansion process. Managing expectations of respective parties to limit miscommunication or misinformation at all stages of the acquisition/hiring process can be critical.

Risk and Legal Advisory

ASA frequently recommends to clients pertinent use of non-disclosure agreements, indemnifying candidates from unfair and restrictive non-compete/non-solicit agreements, and strategies to avoid other legal pitfalls.

Counter Offer Advisory

When experts give notice it is common for their current employers to apply considerable pressure to stay. It can be standard operating procedure for firms to offer compelling promises of promotion and additional income to retain their valuable people. Our experience and long-term research has given us critical information to share with candidates.

Compensation Negotiation

We understand the underlying motivations of our candidates and can have influence on what compensation packages would most resonate.

Succession Planning Advisory

Senior level retirement is a fairly common challenge for small to medium sized firms. We advise senior management seeking strategies to maintain value as well as a seamless transition of leadership.

Strategic Growth Advisory

It is only natural for firms to constantly assess their skill sets and competencies in relation to demand in complementary fields. ASA is well positioned to apply macro and micro data to establish options that can maximize synergies.