About us

Allen Stevenson Advisors

Allen Stevenson Advisors (ASA) is a merger of two leading search firms serving high-end consultancies. Steve Allen and Rob Stevenson, founders of Executive Search Professionals and Bulls-Eye Search, respectively, bring more than a half-century of recruiting experience in a multitude of environments, the majority for consulting firms. We have worked closely together as colleagues since 2008 and this sustained interaction will enhance our service to clients. ASA will be broadening its capabilities by meeting critical search and acquisition needs at every level of a client organization.

Our unique philosophy - "agent" for elite consultants

When we entered the recruitment field with a focus on consulting firms more than two decades ago, we knew our success hinged on working with only the very best candidates in any given discipline.

This applies to the work we do in retained or transactional search, or representing a practice leader seeking to build a flourishing group. While this goal was worthy, fulfilling it required a unique approach we have practiced since. This began by asking a fundamental question: what could we provide top tier experts that our competitors could not? Answering these probing questions configured our DNA. While most search firms concentrate on a pool of candidates actively seeking employment, our approach is developing long-term relationships with the best of the best – most so immersed in success and well taken care of that moving is furthest from their minds. Our thought was to get to know these luminaries and understand the rare opportunity they might find compelling. When a window of opportunity opens, our plan was to be at the right place at the right time. Our plan became a strategic, open-ended research initiative.

Value Proposition

ASA provides a comprehensive process for acquiring a profit center/key employee; or for identifying potential firms with which to ally.

We conduct specialized searches on behalf of our clients and research potential opportunities on behalf of existing firms or luminaries seeking synergies. Working both ways ensures that we maintain an exhaustive network and long-term relationships with elite performers and firms.